Gourmet restaurant near the Châteaux de la Loire: Les Trois Marchands awaits you at Cour Cheverny

The gourmet restaurant near the Châteaux de la Loire in Cheverny is waiting to immerse you in the Touraine of today and yesteryear. A gastronomic journey for a weekend in the Loire Valley.

Gourmet restaurant in Cheverny: Les Trois Marchands, a local institution

Les Trois Marchands is the gourmet restaurant of the Château hôtel le Relais des Trois Châteaux. This is nothing new, as this gastronomic restaurant near Chambord has been established since 1850. And it has always served generous, family-style cuisine, paying homage to the rich culinary region of Sologne. Known throughout Europe for its game, it's also on the menu. And it's not just Sologne that's on the menu: other classics of French cuisine are well represented. But above all, there's a freshness to the blends and a seasonality that makes you want to come back again and again. This gourmet restaurant in the Loire châteaux also boasts a fine wine list. Touraine is home to Vouvray, Bourgueil and Cheverny, all names that make glasses and palates dance.

Gourmet restaurant near Blois and surrounding area: Les Trois Marchands for its atmosphere

The gastronomic restaurant at the Château de la Loire in Cheverny is well worth a visit. But to limit it to its menu would be to miss a great deal about this restaurant. Les Trois Marchands already has an atmosphere, that of a cosy winter salon where you can dine in peace and quiet within walls steeped in history. We also love the bar's library corner. In summer, it's a terrace overlooking the town center and its perpetual hustle and bustle generated by the Château de Cheverny and its events. It's all part of what makes this Cheverny gourmet restaurant so enjoyable. Lounge-bar, private space for large meetings and seminars, private parking, vegetarian dishes on request, typical Touraine decoration typical of the Touraine region, you name it, they're all charms that make Les Trois Marchands an address to remember in the Loire Valley region.

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