The Loire Valley celebrates 500 years of renaissance(s)

A regional event with a European dimension

The Centre-Val de Loire region is celebrating "500 years of Renaissance" with a cultural, artistic, scientific and historical event. 2019 was not chosen by chance. Indeed, 1519 symbolizes the start of construction of the Château de Chambord, the death of the eminent Leonardo Da Vinci at Amboise, and the birth of the eminent Catherine de Médicis.

The Renaissance movement first spread to the Loire Valley from Italian Tuscany, thanks to the influence of François 1er. This philosophical and literary prosperity reached its apogee in the 16th century, profoundly impacting Western societies, and continues to influence humanity today, through a rich and diverse heritage. Whether you're a history buff, a painting enthusiast or simply a lover of the region, this is your chance to book a hotel in or near Blois to host the event. Our Hôtel Relais des Trois Châteaux is a 2-hour drive from Paris, 20 minutes from Blois and around 1 hour from Orléans.

Stéphane bern, natural ambassador for the event

Who better than Stéphane Bern, the famous presenter of the TV show "Secrets d'histoire could be appointed ambassador for an event as symbolic as the 500th anniversary of the Renaissance? To commemorate Leonardo Da Vinci's death in his Amboise residence (Le Clos Lucé), an architectural competition, shows and scientific meetings are being organized. Locals and tourists alike can enjoy the many festivities around the Loire. The organizers intend to organize the various events around the river that flows through this magnificent region.

An international Franco-Italian summit is also planned to mark the fifth centenary of the Renaissance and celebrate the friendship between the two countries, whose cultural bridges are innumerable. The Relais des Trois Châteaux hotel offers 36 rooms in a restful, authentic setting, close to the close to the castles of Chambord and Blois. Families and groups are welcome.

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