Hunting and bellowing of deer with sensations unique to sologne

The deer bellow in the heart of sologne

It is an unmissable event that occurs every year, between September and October: the deer of the Sologne region start to bellow. By the end of the summer, the male deer enters its rutting season and its famous slab can be heard for miles around. He can lose up to 20% of his weight to seduce a female. Male fighting is also part of deer life during this season. With any luck, you may be able to observe this unusual scene.

During this season, many nature lovers come to watch the deer make their raucous cry in the forest. Many guides offer you excursions in the forest to discover this unique moment. Hunters' federations will also allow you to go hunting deer. Excursions, with or without a guide, are possible while hiking. But you can also get into a 4x4 and drive through Chambord Park long and wide to see one of the many horny male deer. It is at nightfall that hearing the deer's bellow is even more enjoyable.

The stag hunt and the deer slab: book your hotel in sologne

The Relais des Trois Châteaux hotel offers 36 renovated and modern rooms in an establishment of authentic character, 800 m from the Château de Cheverny. A restaurant serves you a local and traditional cuisine 7 days a week, to eat after your long excursions in Sologne. Since September and October are very popular with tourists for hunting and deer calming, it is recommended to book one of our rooms in advance.

You can also come with your collaborators or colleagues. We provide a seminar and cocktail room that can accommodate up to 120 people. Our 4-star hotel is located less than 2 hours from Paris and 1 hour from Orléans by car. Lovers of bucolic landscapes or history buffs, it is the ideal place to come and relax for a weekend or a week's holiday.

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